Druk Path Discovery Trek - 6 Days | Bhutan Druk Discovery Trek

Druk Path Discovery Tour – 6 Days

Druk Path Discovery tour, Druk that appears on the flag of Bhutan is a Bhutanese national symbol, so it obviously is the…

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Tour Of Bhutan - 21 Day | Bhutan Grand Circle Tout | Bhutan Tour package

Bhutan Grand Circle Tour – 21 Days

The Grand Circle Tour of Bhutan offers you to see and learn many things. The remarkable thing about Bhutan is—it is small…

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Classic Bhutan Tour Package - 10 Days | Historiccal & Cultural Bhutan Tour

Bhutan Classic Tour – 10 Days

Classic Bhutan tour package covers some of the most admired and popular cultural, historical, religious, and traditional sites. When based on this,…

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The Druk Path Trek in Bhutan -12 Days | Discover The Wonders Of Bhutan

Druk Path Trek – 12 Days

The Druk Path Trek is justifiably the most admired and adored trek in Bhutan, the only Vajrayana Buddhist…

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Bhutan Photo Tour -16 Days | Kingdom of Bhutan Tour

Bhutan Photo Tour – 16 Days

The Bhutan Photo Tour is aptly designed to have a touring route that has literally picturesque monuments, landscapes, villages, and cities. Every…

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Taste of Bhutan Tourism -16 Days | Bhutan Tour from Nepal | Bhutan Tour

Taste of Bhutan Tour – 16 Days

Bhutan is a landlocked country situated on the ancient Silk Road between Tibet, the Indian subcontinent, and Southeast Asia; it has never…

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Bhutan - Darjeeling - Sikkim Tour -13 Day | Darjeeling Sikkim Tour Package

Bhutan – Darjeeling – Sikkim Tour – 13 Days

The two-week tour which covers must-see places of Bhutan, and Darjeeling, a city and Sikkim, a state of India is remarkably stupendous….

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Glimps Of Tour To Bhutan - 5 Days | Bhutan Tour | Kingdom Of Bhutan Tour

Glimpse of Bhutan Tour – 5 Days

The Tour to Bhutan is like turning the next chapter for undiscovered content in the world, Officially the Kingdom of Bhutan is…

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  • Michel, Patrick & team, France

    “JUST arrived back from Manaslu Trek, Nepal (this was our 5th trip to Nepal), And visit MERANGDING and ANGPANG villages […]

  • Stephanie Major, Canada

    “I had such a great time while in Nepal. Chandra definitely made enjoyable environment for our such an extremely diverse […]

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