Activities in Nepal


For the adventurous, a trip to Nepal to experience the Himalayas is a lifelong dream and this dream come true in the form of trekking. Trekking is one of the most popular adventures

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Peak Climbing

Peak climbing is one of the most popular adventures among the world's renowned adventure lovers. It is a sport that requires good physical fitness, endurance, and love of nature and most importantly basic technical skills

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A trip to Nepal would not only let you experience Himalayas but also give you real opportunity to experience ancient Hindu and Buddhist culture. Your tour around Kathmandu, Patan, Bhaktapur Durbar squares provide you true experience

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Mountain Flight

Nothing compares to the sheer beauty or awe, the Himalayas has to offer. Take the mother of all mountain flights, the Everest Experience where we put you, one on one with Mt. Everest, so close that you can almost touch it.

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Jungle Safari

Riding an elephant through the silent jungle catching wildlife by surprise; it will be one of your most enduring experiences in Nepal. The jungles in the southern and south-western parts of Nepal are only a half hour to an hour’s flight

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The collocation, Homestay, carries ample warmth and affection per se. If you are traveling in order to experience and imbibe a particular culture joyously in its subtleties and details, the home stay is an expedient way to achieving

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  • Michel, Patrick & team, France

    “JUST arrived back from Manaslu Trek, Nepal (this was our 5th trip to Nepal), And visit MERANGDING and ANGPANG villages […]

  • Stephanie Major, Canada

    “I had such a great time while in Nepal. Chandra definitely made enjoyable environment for our such an extremely diverse […]

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