Trip Facts

  • Flight starts early in the morning
  • Mt. Everest 20 miles form your window
  • Witness fantastic Himalayan peaks, lakes and glaciers
  • 50 minutes flight with guaranteed window seat

Mountains are unanimously the only natural mega-structures that can ensorcell one if viewed rightly in their propinquity, for which, we think there are two ways to view them in their entirety—one is to summit them, and next is to take a mountain flight. Meanwhile, it is not everybody’s cup of tea to summit a mountain; in fact, it is nobody’s cup of tea, it is literally a herculean task, but it does not mean that one has to be deprived of this once in a lifetime ethereal experience.

One can almost touch it while sipping one’s coffee. At least, you want to achieve the latter. For this, we can arrange a mountain flight for you. What you will achieve from this flight is ineffably special. Bird’s eye view of the landscapes and a close encounter with some of the world’s highest peaks from the cockpit and window seat will be out and out selcouth.

An hour of flying over some of the Himalayan peaks will offer you lucid view of glistening of glaciers as well as high altitude lakes. A panoply of eight mountains over 8,000 m, and similarly, the pulchritude of many other silvery peaks will be quite overwhelming to take in within an hour—seeing them that up close will feel phantasmagoric.

Once you start viewing, you might become oblivious to other persons and things inside, but there will be hostess to help you identify which peak is which; the pilot will summon each of you individually to the cockpit to take pictures.
Peaks of the Dhaulagiri massif and the Annapurna range in the west and the Everest, the Makalu and the Kanchenjunga in the east render the horizon seem an endless undulation. With this, your felicity is bound to take a peak.
The flight takes off early in the morning, provided that the weather is appropriate. You will be provided with the maps of the mountain ranges so you can identify the major peaks. In addition to this, the hostess will help you. If the weather changes in such a way that the mountain views are stymied, you can opt either for a refund or the next flight.
Moreover, if you want to have a flight from Pokhara, you can choose to fly in a Ultralight—a Ultralight is a two-seater aircraft designed to carry a pilot and a passenger. With this, the Annapurna range and the Machhapuchhre will appear splendiferous.
What’s more, you can charter a helicopter if you want to take your adventure to the extreme in the Everest region.
In this mountain flight, though the Everest is the cynosure, you will fly past every major peak.
Even if your thought of the mountain flight is liminal, contact us, it is the easiest thing to do.

- Drive to the Kathmandu airport and flight to Everest region

- Drive to the Kathmandu airport and flight to Everest region: early morning drive to the Kathmandu airport to catch our panoramic flight to Everest region. It is about 50 minutes flight with Buddha air.

Cost Includes

  • Airport transfers
  • Mountain flight for about an hour with Buddha Air

cost Excludes

  • Services other than mentioned above
  • Camera
  • Binocular (optional)

Weather Report

Nepal Climate

From the eternal snow of the high peaks to the extensive tropical lowlands, Nepal has a wide variety of climates.

Spring: March to late May: In this season, Kathmandu is in full bloom, lots of different types of flowers can be seen at this time of the year.  Temperature is mild, end of the cold winter and approaching warm and hot summer.  Temperatures vary between 10 ° C to 28 ° C but can rise up to 30 ° C.  Between 2000 and 3000m, temperature rarely drop below 0 ° C. However, few frosts or snowfalls are possible in March above 4000 m.

The summer/monsoon period - It interrupts the majority of trekking from late June to late August. Some of the trekking regions "trans-Himalayan", Dolpo and Mustang, however, remain protected from monsoon prevailing rest of the country. They are the only channels available in Nepal in the summer.

Autumn: mid September – mid December - Perfect temperature and weather for trekking. Brings cooler days, but clear skies. Above 3000 m altitude, temperatures can drop to -10 ° C at night.

In winter: mid-December - mid-February - Nights are generally cold, dry climate, Above 3000m, temperature drop down to 0 ° C to - 15 ° C at night, the days are often sunny.

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